Brands we love & Why

My team will only represent brands we use on the daily! Remember we have your back as an agency and will help you launch any new brand with great success. - Jenna

100% Animal Free

We love save the duck because they don’t play the pantone game and happen to pay attention to a bit of style. If you know my team, we are active and want to look good doing it!


Yep…. This isn’t your dad’s Royal Robbins

I won’t argue that my dad loves his desert pucker and it prints money for my retailers. But come see why retailers depend on us for fall sweaters and travel pants that don’t look like travel pants! Yep we are on our way to being the leading eco travel company! Pack a small bag and travel with us!


We want our souls coconut scented…

Warm weather and coconut vibes, need we say more, 98% of our dealers we meet with are trying this new line, you have to find something fresh!

handful logo

You heard it here… we are a handful….. so we sell handful bras!

Honestly Kanani Eric and I wear nothing else!